GEM'S Aubree

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She has taken to going up (and down!) my stairs (wooden with treads) on her own. Very happy with her and that. She’s so confident.

I think she needs to be with someone who isn’t gone from home a lot – someone who is retired or works from home.

I also continue to believe she would do best with another dog. I took her and Sissy to MSU yesterday for Sissy’s blood donation appointment. Staff came out to take Sissy from the car and she went crazy when Sissy left her! Probably normal, but I was interested in the reaction.

She gets fed in her crate – very good and knowing that’s where she goes to eat.

Never makes noise. Very “helpful” in the kitchen.

Still not a big fan of non-carpeted floors (her nails are in good shape).

  • Listing ID: 17407
  • Call Name: Aubree
  • Pet Name: Zena
  • Color: White w/Brindle
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 02/09/2020
  • Adopted On: 08/01/2020
  • Right Ear: 48A
  • Left Ear: 72156
  • Adopted By: Rizzo, Kevin & Meaghan
  • DOB: 04/28/2018
  • Weight: 62
  • Pet Safe Note: Small dog friendly