WW Buddy Hall

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We have had 3.3 year old Buddy with us for 4 weeks now and from the very beginning, we knew he was going to be a special big boy.  He has such a sweet personality and disposition. He gets along well with our two greys, Cherry and Roxie and when all together muzzled outside, is very playful.


He crates real well. We leave Cherry down with him in the living room and the first night he was fairly vocal, but that decreased and ended after the third night. If we both are doing something outside where we can’t come in quickly, we crate him and he goes in just fine. We were gone for a few hours this afternoon and he did just fine. He joined me upstairs (without me knowing he was coming up) the second day, so he is able to navigate stairs up and down real well.


We take him through some of the commands prior to eating and he figured out the routine rather quickly as he did with the daily routine of the Cilluffo household. He is a VERY happy boy, tail wagging constantly. He has never shown any destructive tendencies, but has only taken our shoes a couple times and we were able to quickly retrieve them and don’t leave them where he can get them. He is very affectionate and those that love to cuddle with their dogs, Buddy’s your man! If the others are being doted on, he will come right up for some loving too! He will make a GREYT addition to a family looking for a big, gentle and loving greyhound.

  • Listing ID: 17764
  • Call Name: Buddy
  • Color: White w/Black Ticking
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 01/21/2021
  • Adopted On: 03/07/2021
  • Right Ear: 117B
  • Left Ear: 71460
  • Sire: Iruska All Star
  • Dam: WW's Tide Pool
  • Adopted By: Cilluffo, LC & Kathy
  • DOB: 11/24/2017
  • Weight: 76 lbs
  • Pet Safe Note: No cats or small dogs!
  • Racing Owner: Jaw's Racing LLC.