A Star Bridget

 Rainbow Bridge /

Bridget is a silly loving 5 year old dark brindle girl.  She will follow you around the house and just wants to see everything you are doing.  She is a very affectionate dog who will take all the pets she can give and show her appreciation with lots of kisses.  Her tongue likes to hang out when she is relaxing and she always makes us laugh.  She is a very strong dog and is very sound oriented.  She loves her stuffies and anything that makes squeaking noises.  She is an energetic dog who loves to play.  Bridget crates while during the day while we are working and sleeps the whole night through next to our bed.  Bridget is very food motivated and when the alarm goes off each morning she makes sure we get out of bed to feed her….she gets so excited all we can do is laugh.  Bridget is going to make a wonderful addition to any family….without cats or small dogs that is.  She LOVES children of all ages and will smother them with kisses.  If you are looking for a dog that will love you bunches and make you laugh, Bridget is the one for you!

Bridget didn’t have to travel far to be home 🙂 Bridget was adopted by Matt & Katie Lents, her foster family!

  • Listing ID: 12077
  • Call Name: Bridget
  • Pet Name: Bridget
  • Color: Brindle
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 12/15/2011
  • Adopted On: 01/30/2013
  • Right Ear: 106E
  • Left Ear: 39891
  • Sire: Lonesome Cry
  • Dam: Runtodabone
  • Adopted By: Lents
  • DOB: 10/07/2006
  • Deceased: 11/07/2018
  • Weight: 64 lbs.
  • Pet Safe Note: Not cat or small dog safe