This section is not meant to be considered a complete guide to Greyhound care. It does, however, provide some basic information you should be aware of before you adopt your first Greyhound.

You should make an effort to educate yourself as much as possible on the subject by reading a variety of web pages, articles and books, a few of which you will find in our GEM Store.

Caring for a greyhound is fairly simple but you must keep in mind they have traits that make them different from most other breeds of dog (except other sighthounds). You shouldn’t expect it to be any harder to care for a Greyhound, but it is vitally important that you AND your vet are aware of these differences because ignorance of them could be deadly.

Visit the preparation page for some of the things you should have on hand before your Greyhound arrives.

What to expect the first few days, weeks and months from your new Greyhound.

Important information that could be crucial to the life of your dog.

Keeping your dog in the best possible condition.

Heat, cold and sleeping accommodations, or what your Greyhound might need to be comfortable.

Where to find more in depth information on caring for your Greyhound.



  • Running With the Big Dogs & Greyhounds for Dummies – by: Lee Livingood
  • Adopting A Retired Racing Greyhound – by: Cynthia Brannigan
  • Care of the Racing Greyhound – by: Linda L. Blythe, DVM, PhD; James R. Gannon, BVSc, FACVs; and A. Morrie Craig, PhD
  • The Culture Clash – by: Jean Donaldson
  • Childproofing Your Dog – by: Brian Kilcommons
  • Separation Anxiety – by: Donna D’Amico