So you’ve filled out your application and sent it in. What happens next? First, your application will be reviewed carefully and your references checked. Then a GEM volunteer will contact you by telephone. After the initial phone interview we may request that a member of our group visit you at home, probably bringing along a Greyhound to see how your family interacts with him/her. It might be one of our available dogs or it might be one of our personal pets. If at all possible, all members of your household should be present for the home visit. If you have small children, they MUST be present.

The adoption representative will also be looking for possible safety hazards that need to be corrected before your new hound arrives. This protects the dogs from injury and you from avoidable vet bills. The adoption rep will review a home visit checklist with you during this time and cover any questions they may have from the application or phone interview.

There is required reading that must be done before a home visit is scheduled: “Adopting the Racing Greyhound“, by Cynthia Branigan OR “Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies“, by Lee Livingood. Families with young children are also required to read “Living with Kids and Dogs Without Losing Your Mind” by Colleen Pilar.

Once your application is approved we begin looking for the right fit for your family. If we have several dogs that might work well for you we will provide contact information for the foster homes where the dogs are staying so you can arrange a visit with them and see what kind of chemistry happens. This is your best opportunity to see their true personalities in an environment they have become comfortable in, and ask all the questions you may have about that specific dog. The foster families in our program can provide a wealth of information about the dogs in their care and will be happy to discuss their temperament, habits, likes and dislikes with potential adopters during the adoption process. In certain circumstances we may bring the dogs to meet you (i.e., small children or pets already living in your home).

You should be aware that the dog you saw and fell in love with on our website might not be a good match depending on several circumstances (kids, cats, other dogs, your schedule, etc.). If this is the case, we can NOT adopt THAT dog to you. This is in your family’s best interest as well as the dog’s. If you have cats, for example, we won’t adopt a dog to you that we believe can never be cat-safe no matter how much you like the dog.

Once the right dog and the right family have found each other, the adoption fee is paid, the adoption contract is signed, you will receive your dog’s packet of information including his intake record, vet information, foster profile, emergency contact list, and any other documentation we have available.

Congratulations! You’re new Greyhound parents and members of our ever growing family of GEM’s!