A Foster Tribute


A tribute to all of our foster families and the dogs they have loved and let go over their fostering careers. Fostering is a rewarding and life changing experience. For those families who step up to the plate, time and time again, to assist GEM in finding this wonderful breed the homes they deserve, a heartfelt “thank you”! Their names are too many to list and their deeds to numerous to mention, but we want you to know that each and
every one is appreciated.

Your GEM Board of Directors

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Looking for a way to help greyhounds but not quite ready to adopt? If you have ever considered fostering, now might be the time to give it a try. It’s a rewarding experience that you will never forget. GEM is dependent entirely upon foster homes for the socialization, care and placement of our greyhounds . Generally, fosters are in their foster homes from 2-6 weeks during which GEM pays for the necessary veterinary care as well as provides a stipend for food expenses. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about the breed if you’re not a greyhound owner, to see what having an additional dog would be like if you are thinking of adopting, or just to help a greyhound find a home. Foster homes are provided with a book of guidelines and endless support from fellow GEM members. GEM can only have as many dogs available for adoption as there are open foster homes which makes every foster home crucial to our greyhound adoption efforts. If you think you would like to volunteer as a foster home, the process is much like that which an adopter would experience. Please complete GEM’s Foster Application to apply as a foster home.

To Foster Families Everywhere

Your home may have been the first kind one I’d ever seen;
Your voice the first to teach, to praise, to guide me through confusing days.
You’re the one who taught to me what the life of a good dog ought to be.
Your patient persistence all the while may have won my first doggie smile.
And now that I am off to roam with the family of my “forever” home,
Yours is the home I will always dream of; your gentle hands, your smiling love,
the way you coaxed tangles out of my coat, the sound of your voice, yes, every
note. If they learn to love me the way you do I will know that I owe my
acceptance to you. Though my paws may wander far away,
Yours is the home where I learned to stay.

Written by – Karen Ellery, 2000
Mid Atlantic Springer Spaniel Rescue