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Greyhounds are affectionate, friendly and intelligent dogs who thrive on attention and human companionship. Raised with their littermates, where they competed for affection, greyhounds love becoming the center of attention as household pets. If you have young children (<10years old) we ask that you consider carefully the decision to adopt a Greyhound. Due to their nature and upbringing, they are not used to children, and are not as suitable as other more popular breeds such as Labrador Retrievers. Greyhounds do not usually make good watchdogs. Their friendly nature is not really very threatening. Adoptions of GEM Greyhounds are made with the understanding that the dog will become a house pet. Greyhounds, like people, have many personalities. The following questions help us match greyhounds with people and pets. You are welcome to expand on any area or provide additional information on separate pages. This application, if approved, will become part of the Adoption Agreement.

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