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“Quack!” Okay. Okay. I don’t make a sound like a duck. I don’t have feathers and I don’t waddle like a duck. But my name is Ducky and I am doing just ducky in my foster home. I am good about my housetraining, get along great with the other dogs in the house, enjoy rides in the car, give a big greeting to my foster dad when he comes home, enjoy running and chasing toys thrown for me in the back yard, and am very intelligent and handsome (if I do say so myself). I am also small dog and cat safe. All I need is someone to adopt me. Are you ready for me to waddle, I mean walk, into your heart?

Ducky was adopted on 10/06/2006 by Eric and Amie Dreyfus.

I am writing to you in between my tears to tell you that we had to have Ducky put to sleep last night around 2:45. He didn’t appear that anything was wrong with him over the weekend except he was a little backed up. We noticed on Sunday morning that his tummy was bloated but we figured since he was not going poo that was the cause of it and we were already giving him something for that. He ate like normal in the morning and just laid around all day.. no shock there. Then at dinner time he wasn’t interested in eating, once again I figured since he felt full, probably not hungry.

About 2 o’clock this morning he went outside to pee and we knew looking at him something was terribly wrong with him he could barely make it up the 2 stairs to come into the house, his back legs looked like they were wobbling, then he started to throw up blood and mucus, and when I checked his gums they were white, so I hopped on the internet to find a 24 hour vet. I was in no condition to drive because I was to upset so Erik drove him, we had to lift him in the back of my car.

Erik called me about 2:30 and said the vet thought he had a tumor that no one caught, he had bruising on the inside of his thighs and by now he had blood coming out his butt. She told Erik that his heart rate should be 100 beats a minute but it was 240 beats a minute and he was suffering terribly. So, there was nothing to discuss, we just needed to do what was right for him. She took a paw print for me and Erik is having him privately cremated so I can have his remains.

It breaks my heart I only got to spend 2 short years with him, we had our ups and downs with him but the ups outweigh the downs. He will be in my heart forever, I just hope he knows how much we all loved him.

In Memory of:
Ducky Dreyfus 02/03/2002 to 02/16/2009

  • Listing ID: 12692
  • Call Name: Ducky
  • Pet Name: Ducky
  • Color: White and Red
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 09/06/2006
  • Adopted On: 10/06/2006
  • Right Ear: 22B
  • Left Ear: 10419
  • Sire: Molotov
  • Dam: Fatal Fortress
  • Adopted By: Dreyfus
  • DOB: 02/03/2002
  • Deceased: 02/16/2009
  • Weight: 77 lbs.
  • Littermates: Abdo Meadow Lark, Abdo Molotov, Abdo Mountaindew