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Badger is what I call the ultimate retired greyhound. As the home visit coordinator, I get to see adoption applications first. The common theme is always that the potential adopters like the loving, quiet nature of the breed and their affinity for humans.
Badger is all of that and so much more. He loves to walk, sleep, play, and just hang out with his people. He gives kisses freely and if you let him, he will hug you….actually hug you. He’s the rare greyhound that loves to be hugged around the neck and will snuggle at the first sign of affection from you.
He walks well and will do his business on lead if he knows you’re the boss of the walk. But of course at first, the excitement overwhelms him until he soon settles in at your left side and responds to the heal command. He crates very well if you ask him nicely (treat) and doesn’t complain through the night. Stairs are still a challenge but we’re working on that.He knows his boundaries and doesn’t counter surf or beg for food when you’re eating. He will however make off with your slippers at any given moment but never chews them up, he just hoards them. Badger loves kids of any age but cats and small dogs are his sworn enemies for life, I’m afraid.
All in all, Badger would make the perfect addition to any family and will be a loyal companion for the rest of his days.