AY's Chipper

 Rainbow Bridge /

Chipper was adopted by Cliff and Debbie Mosier.

It is with a saddened heart that we had to send our tripod and 52 month osteo survivor, Chipper, to the Bridge today (Tuesday, November 8, 2005). His hips have been giving out and last night he could no longer stand. He ate a big breakfast today and had lots of cookies. Right before we left for the vet he ate a bowl of frozen yogurt and loved every lick. Run pain free with 4 legs at the Bridge my dearest and first heart dog and buddy.

Debbie, Cliff & Paul

  • Listing ID: 13534
  • Call Name: Chipper
  • Pet Name: Chipper
  • Color: Red Fawn
  • Sex: Male
  • Right Ear: 103C
  • Left Ear: 33435
  • Sire: Carnival Clown
  • Dam: Ays Bloomer
  • Adopted By: Mosier
  • DOB: 10/05/1993
  • Deceased: 11/08/2005
  • Weight: 80 lbs.
  • Littermates: AY's Calamity female, AY's Certified male, AY's Chance male, Ays Calico female