Beth Ann Star

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Bethie loves playing with stuffies, going for walks, ear scratchies and getting and giving affection. She potties well on leash. She is learning her house manners quite well, and is very food motivated which makes her training easy. She gets along well with other dogs, and she might with kitties with some work! She explores her new surroundings with great enthusiasm, but also has a shy side. Bethie is a very sweet and lovable little girl who will make someone a great pet. Bethie was adopted on 01/13/2007 by Jennifer Rhodes-Bingham.

  • Listing ID: 14085
  • Call Name: Beth
  • Pet Name: Beth
  • Color: Fawn
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 02/12/2006
  • Adopted On: 01/13/2007
  • Right Ear: 72B
  • Left Ear: 13558
  • Sire: P's Skidway
  • Dam: Greys Gold Star
  • Adopted By: Rhodes-Bingham
  • DOB: 07/01/2002
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Littermates: Candy Lyn Star, Fawn, female
    Diana Dee Star, Fawn, female
    Emma Louise Star, White and Fawn, female
    Faye Raye Star, White and Fawn, female
    Glory Bea Star, White and Fawn, female
    Handy Andy Star, Fawn, male
    Heidi Rose Star, White and Fawn, female