Blutoo Greenpnut

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Pnut is a beautiful golden boy and he knows it. He likes to spend long periods of time admiring himself in mirrors. He is a puppy at heart, very smart, and interested in everything going on. If you get up he will jump up to follow you to see what is going on. He has conquered stairs his first week here, but refuses to sit on command at the moment. He wants to be pet and hugged on. He feels that all food should be shared with him. It doesn’t matter if it is in another dog’s dish, the cats dish, or your dish. Pnut is also more than happy to help himself to what is on the counter or in the pantry. He will crate but is not thrilled to be in there. Pnut is safe to be around adult cats and is great with children. I have not yet had him around small dogs. He is a very energetic and playful boy. I will update as more of Pnut’s personality shows.

  • Listing ID: 16068
  • Call Name: Peanut
  • Color: Red
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 09/30/2017
  • Adopted On: 10/23/2017
  • Right Ear: 54B
  • Left Ear: 63995
  • Sire: Bella Infrared
  • Dam: CTW Oasis
  • Adopted By: Karas, Greg & Ashley
  • DOB: 05/30/2014
  • Weight: 71.1
  • Racing Owner: Blue Too Kennel