Cd's Legend

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Logan was my change of life dog. He changed me from a dog owner to a greyhound person. My life has little semblance of what it was prior to greyhounds. I have new friends and a new way of life. My travels now revolve around visiting people who have greyhounds and picking greyhounds up around the country to bring to their adoptive homes.

Cd’s Legend was bred and owned originally by Chris Weiss of Texas, racing for Shamrock Kennels at Tri-State Greyhound Track in Charleston WV. Helen Peterson remembers him as a lovable hound who wanted attention more than most of the dogs she’s had. He was a cuddler supreme. At one point he had one D line left, Helen called Chris to ask if he could be adopted out. Chris responded that Legend had such heart that he’d prefer if he got to run it out. Helen disagreed, but put him on the log for the week. He won …. and raced his way all the way back to AA status. He loved racing.

I will always be grateful to Michigan Greyhound Connection for allowing me to love and have this boy in my life. Pat & Richard Wajda and Tom & Linda Malinov fostered him before I adopted him. They knew he was a special dog. Logan has fought kidney failure like he fought his way on the track. He squeezed out 3 years with numbers creeping up constantly.

It was only this last week that the damage showed. Today I held him in my arms and kissed him for the last time. He’s at peace, out of pain. . . . and racing with the stars again.

Cd’s Legend aka Logan (gimme a kiss) Darfler 11-24-90 ~ 8-15-01

  • Listing ID: 12619
  • Call Name: Logan
  • Pet Name: Logan
  • Color: Red Fawn
  • Sex: Male
  • Left Ear: 90401
  • Sire: Lucky Artist
  • Dam: Suke Damson
  • Adopted By: Darfler
  • DOB: 11/24/1990
  • Deceased: 08/15/2001
  • Weight: 66 lbs.