Damar Irene

 Rainbow Bridge /

Chloe is not cat safe. Chloe was adopted on 02/10/2007 by Debbie and Cliff Mosier.

  • Listing ID: 13536
  • Call Name: Chloe
  • Pet Name: Chloe
  • Color: White and Brindle
  • Sex: Female
  • Adopted On: 02/10/2007
  • Left Ear: 18305
  • Sire: Grenade
  • Dam: Greys Gold Star
  • Adopted By: Mosier
  • DOB: 03/16/2003
  • Deceased: 02/11/2014
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Littermates: Damar Bailee, White and Brindle, female; Damar Bodypierce, Brindle, male; Damar Diamond, White and Fawn, female; Damar Fast Eddy, Brindle, male; Damar Frizbee, White and Fawn, male; Damar Harleyeal, White and Brindle, male; Damar Harleyearl, White and Brindle, male; Damar Smitty Gal, Fawn, female; Damar Smudge Pot, White and Fawn, male