Devie's Charles

 Rainbow Bridge /

Charles is a happy go lucky young man who just loves to play, just look at him in the “pool” at his foster mom’s house! This boy loves to have fun and will make an excellent family pet. Well the Napier family bought a pool, and picked up their boy. congratulations Charles, you’ve got yourself a great new family.. Sadly, Charles crossed to the bridge on November 12, 2010. Run Free Charles!

  • Listing ID: 13574
  • Call Name: Charles
  • Pet Name: Charles
  • Color: White & Black Ticked
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 06/02/2001
  • Adopted On: 07/20/2001
  • Right Ear: 67B
  • Left Ear: 66662
  • Sire: Oshkosh Racey
  • Dam: HH Buttercup
  • Adopted By: Napier
  • DOB: 06/21/1997
  • Deceased: 11/12/2010
  • Weight: 70 lbs.
  • Littermates: Devie's Fergie, Black, Female; Devie's Margaret, Black, Female; Devie's Phillip, Wt Tkd & Bk, Male; Devie's William, Black, Male; Devie's Diana, White & Black, Female