Ditto Breeze

 Rainbow Bridge /

This beautiful dark brindle boy is affectionate and very well mannered. He is just fine with small dogs and cats and will make an excellent family pet. Vic is available for adoption along with his brother Ditto Steppinout.

It is with tremendous sorrow that I make this announcement: Vic (aka: Ditto Breeze) did not recover from anesthesia yesterday and is now at the Rainbow Bridge.
His surgery and dental appeared to go well and there were no indications of problems until he would not revive from the anesthesia. Six doctors worked on him for over an hour before giving up hope of bringing him back. We have decided to have Vic privately cremated and anyone who wishes to make a donation to assist with the costs can contact Goldie.
~ Inger

I wanted to include the thoughts and wishes of everyone who wrote about Vic’s passing on his memorial page. The writings that follow here are from the days following his death. All of us are still feeling the pain of his loss especially his intended family and his foster family. On this St. Valentine’s Day, 2001, we all lost a little piece of our hearts with the loss of this precious life.
~ Kristen

I know this loss is felt by all of us, especially Missie and Vic’s intended family who are all grieving for him. Life is precious and precarious. My deepest sympathies go out to you all.
Inger’s message gives the details of Vic’s passing, the only thing she doesn’t mention is that there were six vets present all working to save him, there was nothing they could do.
Rest easy Vic, I know you wait with Duke at the Bridge, and will be with Missie on the other side.
Peace, Kristen

Denny, Brandy, Shiner & I want to pass on our sympathy to you and your family. We recently lost our “Buddy” so we understand your loss.
We will never out race our grief,
Hearts will ment in time,
but the precious memories will never leave us.
Our thoughts are with you, at this time of loss
“Vic”, your stay with your family was short but sweet
We know you are safe and at peace.
~ Hilde, Denny, Brandy & Shiner

I also was especially touched when I heard about Vic since I am fostering Misie and Mike, and also to his planned adoptive family who had visited with us the night before to get to know Vic’s brother. They are lovely people.
Please let me know where the donations need to go and I am happy to participate.
Hugs to all our dogs,
~ Jackie

I don’t know what to say … I sit here with tears in my eyes reading the message about Vic, and I didn’t even know him. Missie, Mike, all of our thoughts and prayers are with you … now it has me worried about getting Odie’s teeth cleaned and Gem spayed. I’m sorry this had to happen to one of our babies … I just don’t know what to say …
~ Goldie

To everyone that has e-mailed me and the list about Vic, thank you. Vic left a lot of little footprints on a lot of hearts. I know I miss Goldie, Mike and I will be sending GEM a check to cover the cost of the cremation … it’s our way to help.
~ Missie

I just wanted to thank everyone again for the kind words. I know they have helped me. They have also helped the Ellert’s. The Ellert’s, as some of you know, were going to adopt Vic. They would have picked him up today (Thursday). I spoke with Hilary Ellert last night.
We talked about Vic and his remains. I told her what I wanted to do (scatter them during a small little ceremony at the GEM picnic) but wanted to know how her family felt about it. They love the idea, too. I wanted to know how they feel because, like I told Hilary, Vic is just as much their greyhound as he was ours. They were going to adopt him and they love him as much as we do.
So the Ellert family will also be there for the scattering of Vic’s remains. I think that they were comforted knowing that we all realize just how much Vic meant to the, too.
~ Missie

  • Listing ID: 14663
  • Call Name: Vic
  • Pet Name: Vic
  • Color: Dark Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 02/04/2001
  • Right Ear: 88F
  • Left Ear: 75297
  • Sire: HB's Commander
  • Dam: Little Miss G
  • Adopted By: Ditto
  • DOB: 08/01/1998
  • Deceased: 02/13/2001
  • Weight: 78 lbs.
  • Littermates: Ditto Achiever
    Ditto Ellie
    Ditto Steppinout