Els Crystal

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If I could use just one word to describe Crystal it would have to be “unique”. She is tiny at 53# and she is the only black dog I have ever seen without a single speck of white anywhere. When I gave her a bath she shined up like a new car and she has the cutest little Mohawk on the back of her neck that betrays her relationship to her cousin, the Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Crystal has very nice house manners. She is cat-safe, although she is a little interested when the cat runs through the room; she is easily redirected with a “No kitty” and loses interest quickly. She has already discovered the toy box and enjoys stuffy toys as well as a chew on the Nylabone. She has not chewed anything inappropriately. She is perfectly housebroken; we haven’t had a single accident. She can be a little bossy at times with our other greyhounds; stealing toys, walking over them on beds and attempting to overtake the crate, which is a favorite spot for her toy collection. Crystal will probably be okay as an only dog, but she would also be fine with a playmate who will allow her to be in charge. She is not bossy with people however, and has allowed me to take away both food and toys with no arguments.
She crates nicely and only gave us a few unenthusiastic whines when put to bed in her crate on the first night. After a minute or two she settled down and slept through the night without a peep. She has crated subsequently just perfectly. She can be exuberant on the leash and she gets excited about going for a walk or ride, but like most greyhounds she settles quickly and is content to snooze on a pillow for a good part of the day. She has settled into life as a pet seamlessly and appears to be a confident and happy little dog.
Crystal was adopted on 11/13/10 by Nathalie Menendes & Brad Jarvis.

  • Listing ID: 13492
  • Call Name: Crystal
  • Pet Name: Crystal
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 10/23/2010
  • Adopted On: 11/13/2010
  • Right Ear: 77F
  • Left Ear: 43083
  • Sire: Fuzzys Cannon
  • Dam: Do the Mambo
  • Adopted By: Menendes
  • DOB: 07/05/2007
  • Weight: 56 lbs.
  • Littermates: Els Cain, Els Candy, Els Carlos, Els Carly, Els Carmel, Els Chip, Els Coco, Els Cody, Els Cotton