Fly M All Night

 Cyber Sofa /

We have had little Miss Fly M All Night here for a couple of days now and are discovering what the people at the dog drop must already know – she is a fantastic little girl! Full of love and energy and spunk! And reading the write up from the prison her handler knew that also! She loves to play and is always ready if you are ready but is perfectly willing to just settle and wait till its convenient for you to be active. Loves her walks, had some fine runs around the backyard but then came back and sat for her treat. Has slept through the night both nights already. She eats well and is food motivated which will make it easy for her forever home to keep up her good behavior and teach new things if they wish. While I am sure she will be a devoted companion to anyone I think she would love to be included in an active household

  • Listing ID: 16102
  • Call Name: Night
  • Color: Red Brindle
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 11/16/2017
  • Adopted On: 02/10/2018
  • Right Ear: 65A
  • Left Ear: 66771
  • Sire: KC And All
  • Dam: SE's Kelsey C
  • Adopted By: Ton-That, Corrine
  • DOB: 06/29/2015
  • Pet Safe Note: Not cat friendly.
  • Racing Owner: Berland, Vince