Gunnery Mate

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Gunny and Pharaoh were adopted on the same day. They were an anniversary present from my husband since I couldn’t decide which one I wanted we adopted them both. She was adopted from TLC Greyhound Adoption of MI on June 6, 1999. She shares her home with numerous brothers and sisters. Gunny is a very sweet senior girl who snuggles up with me every night. The most interesting thing we found out about Gunny is that she was used to pay off a debit. We even have the court papers. Gunny is the matriarch of our pack.

On 3/9/2004, Gunny (Gunnery Mate), passed away. In June 1999 Gunny and Pharaoh started teaching us about the love a greyhound has to give. Jeff and I went to Merrie’s house to decide on either Gunny (9 at the time) or Pharaoh (7.5 at the time). It was our anniversary and I couldn’t decide on which one. My husband decided to take them both. It was TLC’s first double adoption.

From that moment on, Gunny taught us about the love the “old ones” give. Gunny loved running. When our dogs got out of the fence, she was the one we (and half of GEM) had to find. She loved going camping, snuggling, playing with stuffies, laying on her bed by the wood burning stove, and ruling our pack. Gunny also helped us raise a greyhound puppy (ginger). Gunny was a retired brood mom and knew exactly what to do. If it wasn’t for Gunny teaching ginger the rules of the pack, I think ginger would be more spoiled than what she is. Gunny will be missed terribly.

Gunny is survived by her best bud Pharaoh, Sammy our mutt that let her into his home, Peggy the shy greyhound that relied on Gunny, and Ginger the puppy (now 4), who will miss her teacher. And most of all, her family who will never forget her.

Gunny is pictured here on our last camping trip in September. You can see the joy in her face. She loved camping, going for car rides, running, and snuggling in front of the wood-burning stove. Gunny taught many people about the joy and love that the “old ones” bring. We adopted Gunny when she was 9 years young. From that moment on, she taught us, and many others, that she may be considered a senior by her age, but she was far from a senior in her mind. Gunny left us at the age of 13.5. She left behind her best bud Pharaoh, Sammy our mutt who opened his doors to her, Peggy the shy greyhound that depended on her, and Ginger, the puppy that Gunny helped us raise. Gunny touched our hearts, and the love a senior dog has to give is unconditional. Senior dogs will always hold a special place in my heart and home.

We love you Gunny!

  • Listing ID: 14059
  • Call Name: Gunny
  • Pet Name: Gunny
  • Color: Brindle
  • Sex: Female
  • Adopted On: 06/06/1999
  • Right Ear: 60K
  • Left Ear: 84987
  • Sire: Fastest Gun
  • Dam: Active Membe
  • Adopted By: Randolph
  • DOB: 06/03/1990
  • Deceased: 03/09/2004