HL's Swiper

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HL’s Swiper
When we picked up Swiper and his 3 buddies on January 4, I wondered what had possessed someone to name such a gentle creature as they did.
Swiper is a tall, lanky brindle with a questioning face. He is sweet, quiet, non-aggressive, crates well and finally made it through the house-training period. (Oh, it was SO cold outside.) Coming from Alabama, I’m sure he had never been tested by these kinds of frigid temps before. Hair began to grow rapidly and holes filled in with fuzzy down. After a bath & 3 weeks of fish oil, his coat is becoming that of a happy, healthy, retired greyhound.
Swiper has been to a couple of M&G’s and seems reserved toward men but once they play up to him, he will snuggle right in. Children seem to be O.K. and he took all the small dogs in stride, never paying much attention to them.
He is a very quiet walker and never pulls on the leash. If he feels tension even starting, he immediately backs off until the leash is hanging loose again. He prefers to walk right by your side as he is still concerned about cars that whiz by and other folks out walking toward us.
For a boy that is only two and a half years old, he has the demeanor of an older dog. There are some things that will get him going. The biggest one is treats. He is chronically hungry, he is certain of it. There is no bottom to his stomach and I’m sure this will hold him in good stead for training. He already knows to watch, come, back and wait. Kennel Up, was probably the first command he learned as he gets all of his meals in the crate.
Although he loves to play with toys and seems focused on the “bottle” bone with squeakers, he is branching out to include toys without squeakers, too. A true “counter surfer” when he arrived, it has taken only a few corrections for him.
Now, back to his name: As he has gotten more comfortable he is starting the “taste-testing” phase of his retirement. Starting out with the obvious remote control, he has been moving on to the items out of the recycle bin, blankets, telephone, end of the toilet paper roll and socks. We’re hoping this will pass soon.

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  • Listing ID: 15138
  • Call Name: Swiper
  • Color: Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 01/04/2014
  • Adopted On: 05/17/2014
  • Right Ear: 51H
  • Left Ear: 56388
  • Sire: Daddy Warbarks
  • Dam: Jr B's Katie Lou
  • Adopted By: Pluff, Kevin & Renee
  • DOB: 05/26/2011
  • Deceased: 11/12/2021
  • Weight: 78.2 lbs.
  • Pet Safe Note: Cat Workable/Small Dog Safe
  • Racing Owner: Legg, Herbert