HS Lumber Jack

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Jack is a handsome young boy whose going to be an absolute treasure for the family that gives him his forever home. Not quite 2, he’s full of fun and mischief but sharp as a tack. In just a week, he’s learned to sit, stay, lie down. He mastered the stairs on the very first day and has already learned that the bathroom is OUTSIDE!! He’s very tall and graceful and completely cat safe. In fact, he’s a little leery. Cries like a baby if Scotty the cat gets to close. But given time I think they’d be great friends. Jack also crates like a dream.

  • Listing ID: 15691
  • Call Name: Jack
  • Color: White w/Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 03/26/2016
  • Adopted On: 05/02/216
  • Right Ear: 44A
  • Left Ear: 63634
  • Sire: Yahoo Omar
  • Dam: HS Babe
  • Adopted By: Bakker, Johan & Carol
  • DOB: 04/15/2014
  • Weight: 77 lbs.
  • Pet Safe Note: Cat Friendly
  • Racing Owner: Hill, Willis