Jacob of Ruckus

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Jacob is a shy but curious boy. When something startles him, he runs a few steps and turns back around to go investigate. He takes his time to warm up to new people – he prefers to sneak in for a few sniffs while they’re not looking first. Afterwards, he follows them about like he’s known them forever. Of course, neck scratchies and yummy treats seem to be the quickest way to his heart. He gets along well with other dogs and is cat safe. Jacob was adopted on 07/09/2005 by John and Aimee Rozum of Ann Arbor.

  • Listing ID: 14156
  • Call Name: Jacob
  • Pet Name: Jacob
  • Color: Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 06/06/2005
  • Adopted On: 07/09/2005
  • Right Ear: 103B
  • Left Ear: 22612
  • Sire: WW Time Warp
  • Dam: Ebony of Ruckus
  • Adopted By: Rozum
  • DOB: 10/08/2003