Matt In the Hat

 Rainbow Bridge /

Matt is a wonderful big boy who badly broke his leg. Luck was on his side though when Beth spoke up to take him in. She’s not only fostering him but the whispers are that he’s going to become hers once the vets give him the all clear.
The first photo is of Matts leg when he arrived here. It’s awfully apparent that he’s going to need lots of loving care. Within a few days it was apparent that he had a huge infection cooking. Beth changes his bandages daily and he’s on antibiotics to prevent the infection from spreading to his bone.
The second photo is a bit less graphic and you can see that the loving care is working!!! We’re hoping to be able to put up a photo of a closed wound very soon. Matt was adopted on 06/05/2008 by Beth Barnhart.

  • Listing ID: 12190
  • Call Name: Matt
  • Pet Name: Matt
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 06/29/2007
  • Adopted On: 06/05/2008
  • Right Ear: None
  • Left Ear: 27617
  • Sire: Courageous Nicky
  • Dam: Greys Highwire
  • Adopted By: Barnhart
  • DOB: 01/09/2004
  • Deceased: 06/05/2013
  • Weight: 79 lbs.
  • Littermates: Ez Pass Martha, Dark Brindle, female; Ez Pass Maxine, Black Brindle, female; Ez Pass Morty, Black, male; Ez Pass Ozzie, Black, male; Fa la Me, Black, female