Middle Stage

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Middle Stage (aka Mark, Marky Mark, and Marco) is a super-sweet guy with a wonderfully laid-back attitude, especially for a dog under two years old! Mark is a very happy boy who greets his people with not just a tail wag, but with a whole body wag! He gets along very well with the other dogs and, although he’s initially curious about them, kitties too. Marky Mark likes to hang out with this people, has a lot of fun playing with his stuffies (particular if they squeak or honk!), and crates very well, too. He is a beautiful tuxedo black, with white on all four paws, on his chest, and on the tip of the underside of his chin. He has gorgeous deep amber-brown eyes, and his ears flip over in such a way that they look like a fox terrrier’s. Marco is a middle-of-the-pack kind of dog, who really enjoys the company of other dogs and people. Based on this, he would probably do best in a home with another dog. Mark has has limited testing with small dogs, so another larger dog might be a good companion for him. Mark is cat safe and is a very laid back male. Mark was adopted on 04/23/2008 by Heather and Bryan Borrowman.

  • Listing ID: 12314
  • Call Name: Mark
  • Pet Name: Mark
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 03/01/2008
  • Adopted On: 04/23/2008
  • Right Ear: 56E
  • Left Ear: 37804
  • Sire: Impossible Dream
  • Dam: Barton
  • Adopted By: Borrowman
  • DOB: 05/13/2006
  • Littermates: Charcoal Babe, Dream Freely, Dream Smoothie, New Import