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Nick is cat safe and small dog safe. He is pretty mellow and easy going. Nick is a good boy that really LOVES life! He is always wagging his tail and smiling and absolutely adores attention. He gets along really well with all 3 dogs and our 2 cats as well. He loves to play with stuffies and has just begun to be comfortable playing with a soft frisbie out in the yard. If you give this little guy attention, a toy and a treat he will be your best friend forever!! Nick was adopted on 09/30/2005 by Bethanie St. Louis.

  • Listing ID: 14328
  • Call Name: Nick
  • Pet Name: Nick
  • Color: White and Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 08/27/2005
  • Adopted On: 09/30/2005
  • Right Ear: None
  • Left Ear: None
  • Sire: My Rooster
  • Dam: Megottago
  • Adopted By: St. Louis
  • DOB: 08/22/2002
  • Weight: 73 lbs.
  • Littermates: Cassieandra, Dark Brindle, female
    Endofthebarmel, White and Black, male
    Katiethecoyote, Brindle, female
    Stynethebrickboy, Black, male