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JuJi is pronounced like Judy and it means heap of love. How cool is that. JuJi is a delicate girl. She is a tiny girl who is cautious when encountering new things. She is very curious, intelligent and playful and overcomes her fears rather easily. Affectionate and playful, she is cat tolerant and would like to play with smaller dogs. Juji was adopted by Janet Swanson and Tom Kuhl of Dearborn.

  • Listing ID: 14391
  • Call Name: Juji
  • Pet Name: Juji
  • Color: Blue Brindle
  • Sex: Female
  • Adopted On: 03/05/2004
  • Right Ear: 82A
  • Left Ear: 14319
  • Sire: Mulberry Memory
  • Dam: Flying Scrabble
  • Adopted By: Swanson-Kuhl
  • DOB: 08/01/2002