N's One of Akind

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Ava (aka BABE, aka N’s One-Of-A-Kind) came into our lives on July 30, 2003 after the loss of our Lizzy, GEM’s first Senior adoption. Chandler was smitten with her from day one! She moved in and took over. The fact that she would ignore Chandler sometimes drove him nuts, and he would poke at her and nudge her, trying to get her attention. When he was successful they would play and run together. It was a beautiful site.

She and Chandler were my rock when I moved without Mac, because he was still working and had yet to retire. We stayed in a motel about 20 miles from where our new home was being built. Ava knew I was lonely away from home, so she slept with me every night and would cuddle right up to me, sometimes almost pushing me off the bed, even though there was a second bed in the room, she chose to sleep with me! When we finally moved into our new home the dogs were thrilled with their new yard, which is huge. And, when we adopted our newest boy, Hobbs, they would all run together in the yard. Ava was the official greeter and everyone who met her loved her.

She passed away from lung cancer rather quickly on October 23, 2005. We were with her to the end. She was in her own bed, in our arms, being flooded with our collective tears. We will never forget her. And we will forever be GREYTful to GEM for allowing us to adopt her.

Jim, Kerry, Chandler & Hobbs McMullen, along with 7 cats

  • Listing ID: 13473
  • Call Name: Babe
  • Pet Name: Babe
  • Color: White & Red Fawn
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 05/03/2003
  • Right Ear: 76A
  • Left Ear: 58610
  • Sire: Fortress*
  • Dam: Miss Gent
  • Adopted By: McMullen
  • DOB: 07/03/1996
  • Deceased: 10/23/2005
  • Weight: 53 lbs.