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Chase enjoys children and is cat safe. He is somewhat of a velcro dog, and always wants to be with you. Chase is a fairly stodgy gentleman with a laid back demeanor. He rides well in cars, doesn’t beg food or climb on furniture. For a six year old he has a spring in his step and has an interest in all things. Beautiful, calm, loving, gentle giant. Chase is the just a sweet heart. He loves being with you. He let my kitten snuggle up with him the first night at my house. And gets along with all my other dogs, does not care to be the lead, would rather follow. He never makes a sound but is always by your side. Chase was adopted on 08/21/2004 by Jeff Cottrell and Haley Hanson.
Update: 10/06/2008
I hope there’s frosting in Doggie Heaven. LOTS of fluffy rich butter-cream frosting…like the kind I used to make in my Kitchaid on the counter in my tiny kitchen…the kind Chase would sneak a big lick of when my back was turned. I’d yell “out! out! out!” and he’d look at me with that look only Chase could perfect so beautifully. He loved to snatch frosting. He loved getting away with his little trick…and I always fell for it, every single time.

The night he died, I held him in my arms on the cool floor at Cole Veterinary Hospital as he took his last sweet breath. I just kept telling him over and over “Oh Chase, you were such a gift…you were such a gift.” It was just like when we used to do his nails…Jeffrey over him, and me behind him, whispering in his ear. I hope he was comfortable. He was always so brave…so peaceful and calm.

His last day was spent with Jeffrey… It was a very special day for both of them. Chase wore his fanciest collar, and they dined on Chicken McNuggets. They cruised around town. Chase loved car rides…the wind in his face probably reminded him of running. I hope he’s running now…with his friends in the clouds…and for Chase’s sake, I hope those clouds are made of frosting. And if they are, he’ll have that big smile on his face. Oh, how that smile could melt hearts.

I know that he feels no more pain…but the pain we feel now, cannot be described. There’s a huge void and there’s a great weight pressing down on my chest.

Chase…you really WERE a gift. FOUR wonderful years…four very short years…how very lucky we were that you came to live with us. You really were one of the best, Chaser…and no one can deny that…no one.

Good night sweet boy…

  • Listing ID: 12584
  • Call Name: Chase
  • Pet Name: Chase
  • Color: Red Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 09/30/2002
  • Adopted On: 08/21/2004
  • Right Ear: 48G
  • Left Ear: 72536
  • Sire: Torrey Pines
  • Dam: N's Fanciethat
  • Adopted By: Axe
  • DOB: 04/11/1998
  • Deceased: 10/06/2008
  • Weight: 73 lbs.
  • Littermates: N's Fancy Nancy, Wt & Red, Female; N's Heartbreaker, Wht & Bdl, Female; N's Bullet Thad, White & Brindle, Male; N's Angel Eyes, Brindle, Female; N's Mr. Nascar, Brindle, Male; N's Brody Bthere, Brindle, Male; N's Special K, Brindle, Male; N's Funny Face, Wht & Brindle, Male