N's Trendy Toni

 Rainbow Bridge /

Toni is cat safe. Toni was adopted by JenniferLaidlaw and Dan Sterling on 05/01/2004.

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to let the GEM Community now that Dan and I made the tough decision to help Toni (formerly N’s Trendy Toni) cross the rainbow bridge yesterday.

Dan and I adopted Toni when we were engaged in 2004. When we first met her, she came right up to us and leaned in to give us a hug. We knew she was the right dog for us from that moment on. She blended well with our family and brought us so much joy.

In 2011, Dan and I expanded our family and had a little girl, Janice. We were nervous with how Toni would react. Although she was a very loving dog, she also had a very high prey drive. It turns out, she was WONDERFUL with our daughter. They loved each other so much. Toni would lay in Janice’s room each night as I rocked her to sleep. As Janice become more mobile, Toni would follow her around and allow her to cuddle up to her. Janice learned how to be gentle to animals with Toni. There were a couple instances where Janice was still learning and pulled Toni’s ear, and she would just yelp, never once getting aggressive. She was the most laid back, snuggly dog you can imagine. Her nickname was cuddledog. She lived to be with her family.

A couple months ago we noticed Toni wasn’t walking right. She seemed to be limiting the weight on her rear left leg. We took her to the vet and got the horrible news that she had bone cancer. She was 12.5 yrs old so we didn’t feel chemo/amputation was the correct route. Instead, we chose to manage pain. She did well for some time on pain medicine, but last week we noticed she stopped using her leg completely and was crying in pain every time she tried to stand up or lay day. She also started to lean on the wall for support while walking. We knew the time had come for us to make the difficult decision. It was one we didn’t want to make, but we couldn’t bear the thought of her progressing any further. She passed peacefully in our arms yesterday.

We’re all still very sad and mourning the loss of a wonderful dog. We’re hoping Candy will adjust OK to being an only dog. We have been spending extra time with her and Dan plans to take her work more often to help. I wanted to thank GEM for introducing us to such a wonderful breed and companion.

Jennifer Sterling

  • Listing ID: 14356
  • Call Name: Toni
  • Pet Name: Toni
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Female
  • Adopted On: 05/01/2004
  • Left Ear: 86986
  • Sire: Splishin Vallie
  • Dam: Ns Cool Breeze
  • Adopted By: Sterling
  • DOB: 02/10/2000
  • Deceased: 10/31/2012
  • Weight: 60 lbs.
  • Littermates: B Macs Heidi female
    B Macs Hooligan female
    B Macs Launched male
    B Macs Lucille female
    B Macs Maggie female
    B Macs Stinger male
    N's Breezin By female
    N's Carbon Copy male
    N's Checked Pass female
    N's Cool Nelson male
    N's Cool Splash female
    N's Holy Tara female
    N's Jumbo Jet male
    N's Vallie Girl female
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