N's White Knight

 Rainbow Bridge /

Tucker is cat safe but I would be cautious as he likes to play with stuffies. Small dogs and kittens might be play toys in his mind. His only negative is he barks but he is a nice dog. The only color is on his ear. He is a bit ticked but mostly white. He’s a pretty boy. Tucker has been adopted by Elena Garcia and Jeff Ferreri on 12/30/2003.
N’s White Knight, or Tucker as he was known to most of us, joined so many of our hounds at the Bridge today (10/25/2008). Tucker was diagnosed with osteo in his shoulder the same day Robin & Laze’s Gus was. Like N’s dogs are known for, Tucker was an incredible loving dog who worked his way so deeply into the hearts of Jeff Ferraro and Elena Garcia. He’s left them devastated by the hole he’s left in their family.
Someone told me just a couple of weeks ago that when our dogs leave us that their arrival at the Bridge is celebrated in the same way we celebrate the arrival of a new baby in our own lives. Elena and Jeff are expecting their first child in January. I hope this analogy brings them comfort in this time of awful loss. I know that doing the adoption for this special hound in this amazing family was one of the best times for me in GEM….I just wish the years had not flown so quickly.
Tucker…you’ve got a crowd of dogs at the Bridge who you should recognize…I hope you get used to those wings quickly and can watch over Max as he grows up.

  • Listing ID: 12853
  • Call Name: Tucker
  • Pet Name: Tucker
  • Color: White
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 12/05/2003
  • Adopted On: 12/30/2003
  • Right Ear: 20I
  • Left Ear: 86987
  • Sire: Splishin Vallie
  • Dam: N's On the Loose
  • Adopted By: Garcia
  • DOB: 02/09/2000
  • Deceased: 10/25/2008
  • Weight: 74 lbs.
  • Littermates: N's Kiss Me Kate, N's Lady Pilot, N's Lindsay Love, N's Love All, N's Miss Halo, N's Ring Go, N's Smokin Joe, N's Sunshine Gal