Pat C Navvoo

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Graduation date is 4/23.

Navvoo update.
Navvoo is a beautiful and affectionate greyhound. He loves to gently put his head on your lap or leg, while you are sitting. Navvoo has been great with children, and loves the attention from them. Navvoo is playful, and likes stuffed animals. He loves to walk, and does walk very well on lead . Navvoo likes dog treats, all vegetables, and peanut butter. He is ready to be spoiled in this new forever home.

  • Listing ID: 15360
  • Call Name: Navvoo
  • Color: Red Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 02/10/2015
  • Adopted On: 07/02/2015
  • Right Ear: 40E
  • Left Ear: 53437
  • Sire: Kiowa Mon Manny
  • Dam: Pat C No Harmony
  • Adopted By: Bondarenko, Eugene & Senn, Becky
  • DOB: 04/29/2010
  • Weight: 70.5 lbs.
  • Pet Safe Note: Not cat or small dog safe
  • Racing Owner: Collins, Patrick