Prima Gold Tone

 Rainbow Bridge /

Tony is a little over 6 years old. Tony was adopted on 02/09/2004 by Marvin, Jessie and Ashley Locke.
Our sweet Tony went to the Bridge at 1:15 a.m. on 12/07/2007 as I held him and stroked him and talked to him. He had a seizure around midnight, similar to the one he had several months ago, then seemed ok for a short while, and had another seizure at about 12:45 and never recovered. He was the perfect greyhound for us, and we thank Margaret for fostering him, and Joanne, Larry and Rita who came to do our home visit, and then also vacationed Tony whenever we travelled to places he couldn’t go with us. Also thanks to all who helped him to arrive here from Kansas. I can’t think of anything else to write at this time, but will write more after a few days. He will be buried in our backyard, where he was sooooo happy.

  • Listing ID: 13233
  • Call Name: Tony
  • Pet Name: Tony
  • Sex: Male
  • Adopted On: 02/09/2004
  • Right Ear: 47?
  • Left Ear: 64744
  • Sire: Molotov
  • Dam: Golden Bea
  • Adopted By: Locke
  • DOB: 04/19/1997
  • Deceased: 12/07/2007
  • Weight: 77 lbs.
  • Littermates: Neon Prima male, Prima Gold Cast female, Prima Gold Coast male, Prima Gold Medal female, Prima Gold Mine male