Rapido Peyton

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Our sweet, shy Peyton has passed away.

A spooky girl, Peyton was not known by many GEM members. Those who knew her, saw what a special GEM she was.

Peyton had been in great health her whole life up until the last minute.  With the arrival of our young energetic Podenco, Doni, she seemed to have a renewed vigor.  She loved running in the yard & playing with Doni in the house.

Yesterday morning as I watched her running in our yard, I was struck by how much energy and vigor she had and thought how surprising it was that she was 12 1/2. Since the weather was so nice, I decided to take the dogs out for a 20 minute walk in the afternoon.  This doesn’t happen often anymore, as our Hercules is approaching 14 1/2 and his legs are definitely weakening.  I kept my eye on Hercules through the walk, praying that even this slow meandering wasn’t too much for him. Peyton moved along with no concerns.  It was a happy, peaceful time.

Later, I had to leave the house for an appointment.  When I got home two hours later, something wasn’t right.  Peyton was not the first one at the door to greet me.  I entered the living room and she was fumbling trying to get off her bed. Peyton was unable to bear weight on her left hind, and was almost neurologic-looking as she spun trying to keep her balance on a tenuous right hind leg.

We rushed her to our 24 hour vet.  X rays confirmed a complete fracture of her femur.  Osteo.  We let her go gently to the bridge at 9:30 last night.

Our hearts are broken, but I am remembering the good things. Like the day we met her from Merrie’s GUR and how Peyton kep t leaning on Bob’s legs for safety.  How Helen had to help me get Peyton out of the back of my CRV for every single Greyhounds Only Class.  Or when Peyton first decided it was okay to stay in the same room with strangers.  And how every day she was the first one to greet me when I came home.  And how every night she gently let Rachel nudge her off her bed onto another one.  And how every morning Peyton would put her little face on my pillow to greet me. And that she was always happy.  Yes, she was a “spook” and she had her limits on how much direct attention she could take from people.  But she was the sweetest dog, always trying to do what I asked because she trusted me that I wouldn’t push her past her limits.  We had almost nine wonderful years together.

God was very merciful and good to us. He gave Peyton a wonderful day yesterday.  He kept her healthy during our walk.  He didn’t let her suffer. I am so thankful for that.

Run free, Peyton.  Tell Toughie we love him and we’ll see you both soon. Say hello to your friend Karroo.  I love you, Peyton of Cuteness.

  • Listing ID: 12231
  • Call Name: Peyton
  • Pet Name: Peyton
  • Color: White and Black
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 04/03/2007
  • Adopted On: 04/25/2007
  • Right Ear: 63C
  • Left Ear: 20464
  • Sire: Rapido Omar
  • Dam: Rapido Pinta
  • Adopted By: Bartholomew
  • DOB: 06/15/2003
  • Deceased: 01/07/2016
  • Weight: 58 lbs.
  • Littermates: Rapido Pepe, Black, female; Rapido Pico, Black, female; Rapido Pistol, Black, male; Rapido Pizaro, Fawn, male