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Sadie was a bit too slow at the track so she was retired. This little gal is already playing with toys, the kids and getting to like her little sister Misty the Schitzu. Sadie is cat safe and gets along well with kids and other animals, this little gal has a lot of love wrapped up in that tiny package.

UPDATE: Sadie Mae has been adopted by the Kalakay family. She has just started learning about sharing toys (actually she likes to keep them for herself ). And is getting along great with the other pets in the home. Congratulations Sadie Mae, you landed yourself a fantastic family!!

  • Listing ID: 13063
  • Call Name: Sadie Mae
  • Pet Name: Sadie Mae
  • Color: Red Sable
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 03/09/2002
  • Right Ear: 50H
  • Left Ear: 88485
  • Sire: Molotov
  • Dam: Banson Jo Jones
  • Adopted By: Kalakay
  • DOB: 05/09/2000
  • Weight: 49 lbs.
  • Littermates: RJ's Might Be, Brindle, Female; RJ's Ought To Be, White & Red, Female; RJ's Should Be, Brindle, Male