RJ's Tilapia

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Jill is a sweet silly girl! She is in a foster home with seven other dogs, from 15 lbs to 90 lbs & different breeds. She gets along with all of them, as well as five cats. A few times she wanted to play with a cat and either the cat set her straight or the foster mom would say no, come here. She has learned to leave the cats alone and has no interest now.

She is happy in her nice comfy dog bed, always belly up! She will tell you when she has to go out, and has had no accidents. Jill loves people of all ages and sizes. She is so cute – she makes sounds in her sleep when she changes positions, which is funny!! She loves to be rubbed down & get silly, wiggles & smiles. She is happy just kicking back. She came with another greyhound, Roxy, and they are bonded, However, Jill would fit in any home.

If you are interested in meeting Jill, please contact GEM.

  • Listing ID: 15481
  • Call Name: Jill
  • Color: Red
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 07/02/2015
  • Adopted On: 05/07/2017
  • Right Ear: 31I
  • Left Ear: 55681
  • Sire: Soprano Drive
  • Dam: RJ's Gonzo
  • Adopted By: Manning, Wade & Sherrie
  • DOB: 03/15/2011
  • Weight: 60.5 lbs.
  • Pet Safe Note: Cat & Small Dog Safe