SD Tough

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Graduation date is April 23rd.

SD Tough (Toughy)
Toughy is a beautiful brindle boy. He has graduated with an A+ from the T.G.I.E. program. He is described as lovable, smart, confident, funny, very energetic, and delightfully mischievous. All in all, Toughy is a very happy boy. His love for people is genuinely amazing, and he equally receives that same love from everyone who knows him. He tries to greet everyone on his walks as if they are old pals, while flaunting his remarkable socializing skills. He is honestly comfortable with himself.
Toughy has learned all his commands, especially as training involves two of his favorite things: treats and fun. He has learned the basic commands, plus a few special tricks. He has not displayed any signs of aggressive behavior toward any people or other dogs. He gets along with other dogs of all sizes. Toughy is ready for his forever home and will make someone a great family dog.

  • Listing ID: 15378
  • Call Name: Toughy
  • Color: Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 02/10/2015
  • Adopted On: 05/12/2015
  • Right Ear: 52C
  • Left Ear: 58979
  • Sire: Soprano Drive
  • Dam: Inga Gal
  • Adopted By: Brown, Mari & Andrew
  • DOB: 05/24/2012
  • Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Pet Safe Note: Cat & Small Dog Safe
  • Racing Owner: Orlandi, Michael E.