SE's Phantom

 Cyber Sofa /

Phantom is a lovable, sweet boy who will be headed to MI real soon to find his sofa. He’s a bit shy, (hours not days). Once he is comfortable with his person he is affectionate and sweet. He does seem to prefer women to men but his foster family is working on that, and he is responding nicely.

UPDATE: Phantom has been adopted by the Hallstrom family.

  • Listing ID: 12931
  • Call Name: Phantom
  • Pet Name: Shadow
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 04/07/2002
  • Right Ear: 129D
  • Left Ear: 85419
  • Sire: Flying Penske
  • Dam: Killouragh Grant
  • Adopted By: Hallstrom
  • DOB: 12/01/1999
  • Deceased: 01/01/2011
  • Weight: 67 lbs.
  • Littermates: SE's Breeze, Brindle, Female; SE's Glory, Brindle, Female