SK Pennzoil

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Penny is beautiful, energetic, and friendly. She is made of Velcro – very attached to her humans. She will follow you around and just wants to be with you and please you. She is loving and sweet – and even smiles when excited!

Penny has mastered going up and down stairs and will let you know when she needs to go outside, where she is quick to do her business. She is not a fan of her crate, but is learning, and her foster family is extending her crate time to acclimate her to it. She is very smart and is a quick learner. Penny would do well in a home without a cat as she is quite focused and appears to want to chase the cats in her foster home. She is young, curious, sweet, and friendly. She will make a great addition to someone’s family.

  • Listing ID: 15469
  • Call Name: Penny
  • Pet Name: Hypatia
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 07/02/2015
  • Adopted On: 09/17/2015
  • Right Ear: 53D
  • Left Ear: 6122
  • Sire: Dragon Fire
  • Dam: Dakotas Adeline
  • Adopted By: Worthington , Derek
  • DOB: 05/05/2013
  • Weight: 62 lbs.
  • Pet Safe Note: Cat Workable & Small Dog Safe
  • Racing Owner: King, Jimmy