Stat U S Gravy

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Amy is a velvety red fawn and besides having very soft fur, her most striking factor is that she is so slim. She has been with GEM for quite a while in an effort to put some weight on her. However, she chooses to keep her girly figure at around 46 lbs. Eating isn’t high on Amy’s list of things to do unless she is ready to eat. Blood tests indicate that she is in the best of health she doesn’t have any other issues.
How do you know Amy wants something? She air-snaps. You don’t know “what” she wants but you had better start guessing. It could mean she’s hungry, she wants out, she wants to go for a walk, she wants to go to bed, she wants some of whatever it is you’re eating…. well, you get the picture. She just knows if she air-snaps enough, you’ll get it right eventually.
Amy is such a sweetheart, quiet, fun, loves to run in from the back yard, looks forward to her walks every day, enjoys car rides, wants to be close and loves to snuggle. Although probably not good for a home with active children or younger animals (she is very fragile), she likes being included on family doings and greets guests eagerly. I think a quiet home with lots of time to sleep would be her first choice. But then I could be wrong…. when I ask her she doesn’t air snap. Amy is cat safe … actually, she’s “everything” safe … small dogs, rabbits, birds, etc.

Amy was adopted on 1/1/11 by the Richardson family.

  • Listing ID: 14093
  • Call Name: Amy
  • Pet Name: Amy
  • Color: Red Fawn
  • Sex: Female
  • Adopted On: 01/01/2011
  • Right Ear: 117C
  • Left Ear: 70271
  • Sire: Lone Lobo
  • Dam: Juice Is Loose
  • Adopted By: Richardson
  • DOB: 11/26/1997
  • Deceased: 08/07/2012
  • Littermates: Stat U S Biscuit
    Stat U S Eggo
    Stat U S Saucy
    Stat U S Steak