Stat U S Wally

 Rainbow Bridge /

Another of our special John Taylor boys has left us. He came to GEM in May, 2003. His adoption on June 15, to Jan Bolinger began a love affair that made them immediately inseparable. Wally was the love of Jan’s life. He was the number one best M&G dog and worked his way with folks that came to see a greyhound. Everyone wanted a “Wally.” Wally was a big brindle boy that stole everyone’s heart but ultimately, they settled for something a little different. However I know there are many greyhounds in homes today because of Wally’s (well, OK, and Jan’s) work at events.
Over the years Wally had failing health and M&G’s were not as fun as they once were. Today, December 18, 2009, was Wally’s time to go to the bridge where he will be free from intestinal issues and his lack of weight won’t concern anyone any more. Run free, Wally, with your indomitable spirit. You will be missed!

  • Listing ID: 12296
  • Call Name: Wally
  • Pet Name: Wally
  • Color: Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 05/03/2003
  • Adopted On: 06/15/2003
  • Right Ear: 117E
  • Left Ear: 69831
  • Sire: Great Son
  • Dam: I'm A Leader
  • Adopted By: Bolinger
  • DOB: 11/29/1997
  • Deceased: 12/18/2009
  • Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Littermates: Stat U S Gordon, Stat U S Jarret, Stat U S Petty, Stat U S Rusty