Stat US Mizzou

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Mizzou is a very handsome red brindle male from one of my favorite farms in Kansas. He’s got a great personality, and is very affectionate. Mizzou was in a home with several young children for almost a year but things didn’t work out because the kids were not taught to respect his space. He gets along fine with older children, but would be not be good with very young ones.

Mizzou has decided that home is where the heart is, his foster mom Sue’s heart of course! So, Sue finally failed fostering 101, and this boy is staying right where he is! Congratulations Mizzou, you picked yourself a GEM of a family! Mizzou now lives with his family, a greyhound brother Dustin & several cats.

  • Listing ID: 12786
  • Call Name: Mizzou
  • Pet Name: Mizzou
  • Color: Red Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 08/24/2001
  • Adopted On: 08/31/2001
  • Right Ear: 17H
  • Left Ear: 63301
  • Sire: Epic Prince
  • Dam: Quit Shoving
  • Adopted By: Finaly
  • DOB: 01/30/1997
  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Littermates: Pat C Breezin, Brindle, Female; Stat US Hawk, White & Brindle, Male; Stat US Husker, White & Red, Male; Stat US Shocker, Red, Male; Stat US Tiger, Brindle, Male; Stat US Villa, White & Brindle, Female; Stat US Buffy, White Tk Lt Bdle, Female