Stat US Tiger

 Rainbow Bridge /

Tiger is still something of a puppy at heart, though. He loves to play with stuffies, chase in the backyard (when he’s allowed) and really, really enjoys chewies. He’s never had an accident in the house, and I’ve kept a very close eye on him. Talk about a love sponge. He charmed all the people at the vet’s office while on vacay there 😉 He’ll stand next to you for pets for as long as your arm holds out. He rests his head on you while being petted, is cat and kid safe. Has never displayed space or sleep aggression, separation anxiety or dominance issues. He is much more cuddly than his littermate-brother, ‘Zou. Tiger’s fur is silky and soft, a beautiful red brindle with white toes, huge brown eyes, and a charming white paint-dip on his tail, which wags often. He corrects very easily, needing little more than a firm “no” to stop an undesirable behavior. He is also very cooperative in permitting any handling, inspecting, examining, whatever. While he plays well (with others and alone), he has no problem whatsoever napping on comfy cushions most of the day. He’s very calm, though does get pretty bouncy at eating time.
Sadly, Tiger went to the bridge on June 16, 2009. Run free Tiger!
The following was written by Tiger …
My name is Tiger, for some reason they call me Stat US Tiger. But for my Mom and Dad I’m just Tiger. Years ago I got a new home with a big back yard to run around. I also had a lot of stuffies to play with and a big bed to relax and sleep on. I also had two cat’s which I found out were my brother and sister. Simon and Chance. And would you believe, a two legged brother named Christopher. Everything was going just great, and then Susan came to our house with a hound by the name of Farrah, N’s Movie Star, Oh boy, now I have a Movie Star in my house. We had a great time visiting and then she left. I missed her and stood at the window hopeful that she would come back. The next week was great. I got spoiled rotten, and then I saw my Dad making some type of food contraption just like mine. I started to think Wow this might be for Farrah, is she coming back? And you know what? She did. For years we lived it up.

A great time was had, we went on vacation several times, and the best was going to Tennessee to spend time with our Grandpa and Granma. We also went camping, we did not like living in a trailer.

Then a few years ago, Farrah started limping around. My Mom and Dad took her to the Doctor and found out that she had bone cancer. All was well for a while and then she slipped and broke her leg. My Mom, Dad and Brother took her back to the Doctor and that night she never came home. She went to the Rainbow Bridge. As hard as it was I understood she was pain free and in a better place.

The next year I got a new brother, Remington, what a pistol he was, and then I got a new sister Chloey. But we got along just fine. I let both of them think that they were in charge (but we all know that I was the boss).

Now the hard part. The morning of June 16th 2009, I woke up very early with my Dad. I was full of energy, went for a walk and then we went to the Doctor to get me some medicine for my stomach problems. My Dad took me on a long ride afterwards which I loved to do. I then started to not feel so well, I sat next to my Dad for hours, my big brown eyes told him I was not well. I could no longer stand up. My Mom and Dad were with me in my final minutes.

So please don’t be sad, I am running free with Farrah and will see you soon.


  • Listing ID: 12595
  • Call Name: Tiger
  • Pet Name: Tiger
  • Color: Brindle
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 10/26/2002
  • Right Ear: 17G
  • Left Ear: 63301
  • Sire: Epic Prince
  • Dam: Quit Shoving
  • Adopted By: Couch
  • DOB: 01/30/1997
  • Deceased: 06/16/2009
  • Weight: 75 lbs.
  • Littermates: Stat U S Buffy, Stat US Hawk, Stat US Husker, Stat US Mizzou, Stat US Shocker, Stat Us Villa, Stat Us Wildcat