Tempo Rosa

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Rosa is a dynamite greyhound “puppy” who is not yet two years old. She is full of energy and very playful. In fact, she believes that everything is either a toy or food. She has discovered the toy box and joyfully empties it one by one to make a neat pile on the floor. There are a few toys that crinkle, which she seems to have fun tossing around before finding her next toy, but she’s not sure about the squeaky toys. She has stepped on them and made them squeak (and in the process startling herself) but can’t figure out how to make them squeak when she picks them up.

She loves to run in the yard and she can turn on the jets when she wants to. She does her own thing in the yard, though, and hasn’t quite figured out how to play with the other two dogs in her foster home. Her foster mom considers her cat workable rather than cat safe (she is definitely curious about what they are and wants to play), and she is slowly learning that cats are friends and not food.

Even though she is coming out of her shell, she is still on the shy/timid side and any loud noise or fast movement can startle her. At a recent trip to the pet store, she calmly (and fairly confidently) walked through the store and explored all of the new smells. A few people stopped and asked to pet her and as long as they let her come to them, she was more than happy to take the pets. However if people reached out to pet her before she was ready, she tended to tuck her tail and cower just a bit, but quickly warmed up to the attention.

Rosa is very food motivated, so she will be very easy to train. Overall, she is a sweet, lovable little girl who would love nothing more than a family of her own with the patience to let her come out of her shell and blossom into the wonderful girl she will be!

  • Listing ID: 15844
  • Call Name: Rosa
  • Color: Red
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 09/24/2016
  • Adopted On: 12/23/2016
  • Right Ear: 114A
  • Left Ear: 65429
  • Sire: Hi Noon Hero
  • Dam: Spry Derosa
  • Adopted By: Meyer, Margot
  • DOB: 11/27/2014
  • Weight: 62 lbs.
  • Pet Safe Note: Cat Friendly
  • Racing Owner: Biehle, Troy