Tomoka Jester

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Jester came to MI from Alabama in July of 1999. He was to be adopted by our family, but because he didn’t like such a busy house, by March of 2000 we decided we had to find Jester a place where he could be truly happy. Jester was adopted by a wonderful lady named Rita Vaughn and now lives in a fabulous lake front home with many squirrels to chase and neighbor dogs as his friends. Jester is now truly happy and relaxed in his new home. The photo above is from a recent visit I had with Jester here with his “old family” and he is doing just fantastic. He has gained confidence, and some weight and is really feeling good now with the love and care he’s received from his new family. Jester also lives with a companion cat named Xena.

  • Listing ID: 14485
  • Call Name: Jester
  • Pet Name: Jester
  • Color: White & Brindle Ticked
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 07/16/1999
  • Adopted On: 06/02/2000
  • Right Ear: 27H
  • Left Ear: 63590
  • Sire: Trojan Episode
  • Dam: Arrowhead Rocker
  • Adopted By: Vaughn
  • DOB: 02/18/1997
  • Weight: 82 lbs.