Tw Blackjack

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Blackjack is small dog and cat safe. Blackjack was adopted on 09/28/2004 by Karl Klein.

  • Listing ID: 13121
  • Call Name: Blackjack
  • Pet Name: Blackjack
  • Color: Black
  • Sex: Male
  • Arrived On: 09/18/2004
  • Adopted On: 09/28/2004
  • Right Ear: 90F
  • Left Ear: 91029
  • Sire: EJ's Douglas
  • Dam: U S Peace Symbol
  • Adopted By: Klein
  • DOB: 09/04/2000
  • Littermates: Tw Bingo Black and White male, Tw Domino Black male, Tw Gota Clue White and Red Brindle male, Tw Jenga Red female, Tw Monopoly Red female, Tw Outburst Red male, Tw Simon Says Red male, Tw Twister Brindle female, Tw Uno Black female