Uptown Jenny

 Rainbow Bridge /

I’m just a sweet little farm gal who’s headed out here from Kansas to find myself a family to love. Kids, dogs and cats are all fine by me, I love everyone! Willow was adopted on 08/02/2004 by Denys Kimble.

Sadly, on June 29, 2007, we had to help our “Big Pretty Girl” over the bridge. She was barely able to walk and in great pain. She has left a hole in each of our hearts. We will miss our big goofy girl.

Denys and Boys

  • Listing ID: 13104
  • Call Name: Jenny
  • Pet Name: Jenny
  • Color: Fawn
  • Sex: Female
  • Arrived On: 06/08/2002
  • Adopted On: 08/02/2004
  • Right Ear: 39A
  • Left Ear: 79688
  • Sire: My Rooster
  • Dam: By Guys
  • Adopted By: Kimble
  • DOB: 03/15/1999
  • Deceased: 06/29/2007
  • Weight: 62 lbs.
  • Littermates: Haley the Ham female, James the Red male, Laughin Leo male, Lefty male, Moving Moses male, Storming Stevie female