There are many wonderful books and resources on the market today that teach and educate on Greyhound Adoption and Care. Prior to GEM Adoption of a greyhound, you will be required to read either “Adopting the Racing Greyhound”, by Cynthia Branigan OR “Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies”, by Lee Livingood.  If you are contemplating adoption, and you have small children, you will be required to read “Living with Kids and Dogs … Without Losing Your Mind” by Colleen Pelar.  The GEM Store also has some wonderful children books that you enjoy sharing with your children.

Some of the books you will find at the GEM Store include:

Adopting the Racing Greyhound, by Cynthia Brannigan
A comprehensive overview of what to expect when adopting a retired racer.Information on feeding, crating, medical care and behavior.
NOTE: Either this book or the one below are required reading for GEM Adoption

Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies, by Lee Livingood.
Hands down the best book for new adopters.  Step by step instructions and an easy to follow format make this book one you will read and reference whenever you have a question about your greyhound.
NOTE:  Either this book or the one above are required reading for GEM Adoption

Living with Kids and Dogs … Without Losing Your Mind, by Colleen Pelar
Do you already have a dog and now plan to bring a baby into the house?  Do you already have children and want a great family dog?  This book is a complete guide to preparing your dog for the children in your life.
NOTE: Required reading for GEM Adoption IF you have young children
Care of the Racing Greyhound, by Linda L. Blythe, DVM, PhD; JamesR. Gannon, BVSc, FACVs; and A. Morrie Craig, PhD.
This book is considered a bible by many Greyhound people, both professional and pet owners alike.
The Reign of the Greyhound, by Cynthia Branigan
A popular history of the oldest family of dogs.
Greyhounds, by Barbara Karant
100 full-color photographs