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Please complete the form below to apply as a foster home candidate. You are welcome to expand on any area (if you fill a text entry box, you may just scroll down to continue entering text). If you do not hear back from us in 48 hours, please call 1-877-GEM-DOGS (1-877-436-3647)

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    Fostering a greyhound is a commitment to provide the safest environment possible for the dog. To ensure the safety and health of the greyhound, the following "Foster Requirements" must be complied with explicitly. Please do not consider fostering if you will not be able to adhere to these requirements. FOSTER HOME REQUIREMENTS 1. Required Reading - Adopting the Racing Greyhound by Cythia Branigan (ISBN 0-87605-193-X) 2. Additional Required Reading for those with young children - Living With Kids & Dogs Without Losing Your Mind 3. It is vital to keep your foster greyhound on leash whenever it is outdoors, unless it is in a fenced-in area. NEVER "trust" it not to run away. 4. You must keep a collar and GEM ID tag on the greyhound at all times. 5. If your foster should become lost, you are REQUIRED to notify GEM immediately. 6. GEM will schedule the following medical procedures for your foster: DHLPP, Rabies, Bortadella and Corona vaccinations, spay or neuter, Heart Worm test, teeth cleaning, polishing and any needed extractions, and worming. Your responsibilities will include transporting the foster for veterinary care whenever required. 7. You agree to allow potential adoptive families to visit the greyhound in your home where the dog is most comfortable. 8. You agree to participate in Meet & Greets with your foster dog, or make arrangements for the dog to attend with another volunteer so it can meet the public thus ensuring a better chance for it's adoption.